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Dear Congressman Darrell Issa,

I know you and your committee are extremely busy. As far as my opinion goes, Justice in America begins and ends in your committee. It's a disgrace, but thank God we have at least your committee. And I thank you, and everyone one of your honest members of Congress who are members of it. (You are heroes and true, American patriots...)

I know a little about real heroes and true, American patriots, since I'm an extremely proud Vietnam veteran, who lived and served (24/7) in a Vietnamese peasant village. I'm honored to have served in the Marine Corps' Combined Action Program (CAP) http://www.CapVeterans.com/ . Everyday, I witnessed honor and bravery.

Although it was an honor, it was also pretty stressful, since we were always under threat of being wiped out. A team of 8 to 12 Americans living in a village, regardless of their abilities, can only go so far against large enemy attacks. Combat was heavy. I was wounded from shrapnel in three different combat actions and received a Purple Heart for one of them. I still suffer from chest and rib cage pain from the concussion impact of a rocket propelled grenade (RPG).

Twenty-nine years after leaving, my two different peasant-farming villages, I was diagnosed as 100% disabled with PTSD. You can read some of my experiences of living in my villages at the link I already posted. Prior to going out on disability, I worked 19 years in data processing, having worked through the ranks from a clerk on a programming team on up to project manager with a staff of 17 on the same team. Back in 1988, when I received my last raise, I was making $63,000 a year.

The real reason why I'm writing to you has to do with PTSD. The VA, Congress and especially American taxpayers pay billions of dollars a year to care and treat PTSD disabled vets. I appreciate all the care and treatment that I have received over the years. It saved my life... What I'm upset about is the unnecessary harassment and discrimination that exacerbates veterans PTSD disability. Americans always hear about the discrimination and harassment cases of sex, race, the physically disabled. But we never hear about discrimination and harassment cases of the PTSD disabled. I bet the Department of Justice has never attempted to try a case like this. Please read through my internet links and find out how the State of New Jersey actually used my PTSD disability to help cover up corruption in their Supreme and Superior Court systems. http://www.americans-working-together.com/the_real_chris_christie/id13.html

The federal Department of Justice (DOJ) calls this a New Jersey State issue and New Jersey State refuses to address or even acknowledge the issue. This has been going on for more than a decade and it does take a toll on me. Years ago, I pledged that I would do what I could to make sure justice comes to these corrupt government officials and that this never happens to another PTSD vet.

I have a petition on this issue to Governor Chris Christie and honorable New Jersey politicians that is nearing 11,000 signatures, but they continue to be blind to their state cover-up. https://www.causes.com/actions/1746185-american-war-veterans-petition-to-governor-chris-christie

I also have a petition to you that was recently started, which has near 1,000 signatures. https://www.causes.com/actions/1769198-sign-the-petition-to-congressman-darrell-issa

I'm actually begging you to please review everything what I'm stating in this letter. I admit I'm obsessed with bringing these corrupt government officials to justice. This should never happened to another PTSD vet and/or a average citizen.

Thank You And God Bless Your Committee
John "Jack" Cunningham

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A Prayer Request for a decorated, combat Veteran to get Justice from New Jersey State Government.  Vietnam vet Jack Cunningham is asking for prayers, so he can get justice as the 'PLAINTIFF' against a gang of corrupt New Jersey lawyers.  He is bringing his charges to federal court and he finally wants this to get resolved one way or another.   He Needs Your Support...  (no money) PLEASE SIGN…

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