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A Prime Example Of What We as Rescue Organizations Are currently Facing

Seven hours ago we posted this to our rescue page and as of now Facebook says 580 people have viewed it.  This despite the fact that our page has received over 124,000 Likes from interested folks.  That is horrible.  It seems that every week our outreach shrinks directly because of the new algorithms being used by Facebook to determine what should be included in Newsfeed.  This outreach is well below the previous 1% we were able to reach before.  Please share the petition so we can have enough signers to get the attention of Facebook decision makers.  The animal welfare and rescue community are depending on our support.

"Today is Thursday so we'd like to ask those of you who can to Donate ten dollars to help out with our rescue efforts. This will go toward veterinary bills , our Seniors Program ( we are adding photos of our rather camera shy Seniors as able...), and our ongoing operating expenses. No money goes to us personally operating costs to us are food, litter, laundry and cleaning for the critters who reside here. Donations accepted here on our Page and on our website at
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