Update #2 ·

Email from Richard Harrington MP

Dear RRC

I was very concerned when I learnt 

about the events in Leavesden Park and I have been working with the Council on this.

It’s clear that many people felt the same as you and due to the large number of signatories to the petition, it will be discussed at the next full meeting of Three Rivers District Council in July. This is a good next step and will really focus the Council’s attention onto this.

I have been speaking to Three Rivers about what steps they can take to make sure that this doesn’t happen again and they have assured me that this is a very isolated and extreme case.

They typically green field the horse, take them to a safe place and attempt to contact the owner. Of course in the instance of fly grazing, it is made purposefully more difficult to contact to owner.

In this instance the Police felt there was serious danger and the Council had attempted for several hours to contain  the horse so that they could deal with them in the normal way. Three Rivers does have a strategy for most cases of this, this was a sad exception. They also consulted an animal welfare charity for advice and followed it.

I will speaking to Three Rivers again about this once they have considered the petition.



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