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Accused of covering up veterans' deaths

Accused of covering up veterans' deaths
It's a shame that the VA has people like this. This will always happen, in any business, because of GREED. The few VA staff, if found guilty of this, should be given some federal prison time. There are many THOUSANDS of great people working in VA medical centers. This is not a typical VA medical center.  http://www.americans-working-together.com/obama_s_america/id4.html

More Prison Time For EVERYONE Caught And Found Guilty In A Government Cover-UP


The federal Department of Justice (DOJ) calls this a state issue and the state refuses to acknowledge the issue.  Investigate the denial of civil rights of a PTSD veteran  Please Sign the Petition to Congressman Darrell Issa https://www.causes.com/actions/1768567-pledge-to-...

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Please SHARE this on and off the internet. Pentagon Proposes Plan to Close Military Commissaries And PXs. Story at:    http://www.military.com/daily-news/2014/01/22/pentagon-proposes-plan-to-gut-commissarys-budget.html?ESRC=marine.nl Please Call and keep Calling your members of Congress and tell them to stop this disgraceful move against American troops, military retirees and disabled…

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Please SHARE this with as many concerned Americans as you can... Pledge to Cut Congressional Benefits Before Cutting Veterans Benefits Besides keeping our freedoms, Americans must protect the rights and benefits of OUR Military and Veterans. Pentagon May Cut Military, Retiree And Vet Benefits     http://www.americans-working-together.com/you_never_forget/id9.html

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