Radmila Tesanovic
Radmila Tesanovic campaign leader

They supposed to be man's best friend. Still don't know "Why they still are?", cause man is not their friend for a long time. Their home is street,their food is garbage, and they are lucky if they escape the daily beatings and harassment just for one reason-they are alive and exist on this planet. It's not a world we dream about when we all were innocent children....we loved animals....I don't know what happened meanwhile that we became so cruel and evil. They deserve better,they all deserve a home,love and happy life....As long as I'm alive I will fight for them and that right,cause we are only voice they have. Please join me in this cause,in bringing awareness to people's heart that this planet is enough for all of us,and all living beings have a right to be here....
I'll update stories about every angel I care about at the moment,with a pray that we'll succeed to provide them all a decent life and happier future/
If anybody want to help to keep them safe till their final home(pension costs),help with food,vaccine,vet costs or for any other cause we`ll be very gratefull. Paypal: [email protected]


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