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What is Your Whale Call?

Congratulations, we have already reached one-third of our 10,000 goal!

3,581 supporters have already pledged to sound the Whale Call to save our seas.

Thank you very much for being one of them!

You are helping conserve marine life not just to save dolphins and whales but also for our survival on this planet.

Now let’s Start Making it Happen…

Lead the world and share your ocean saving message in a video using our Whale Call music as soundtrack.

Whale Call is a one of a kind medium for creative expression on ocean conservation. So speak your mind, hold a sign, show your photos, organize a flash mob–do anything accompanied by our whale call music to get your message across.

You may even simply play our songs in your video.

How to Get our Whale Call Music for FREE

There are two ways to get our Whale Call music:

1.   Get them FREE at www.whalecallproject.org

2.   Get them FREE as a reward for donating to our crowfunding campaign to build the OApp, the world’s first global ocean conservation mobile app at www.gofundme/whalecallproject

By downloading our Whale Call music, you are taking us one step closer to our goal.

Whale Call Project Shout-outs

We wish to express our sincere gratitude to supporters who are already helping us build our mobile app. View our Whale Call Project shout-outs at the following sites:









From your Whale Call community, thank you very much for your continuous support!

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