RadiumOne CEO fired!

It doesn't matter how rich you are - domestic violence is never acceptable...and we just proved it!

RadiumOne's board of director has fired its woman-beater of a CEO, founder and chairman Gurbaksh Chahal!

Last week, Chahal plead guilty to and hitting and kicking his girlfriend 117 times over a 30-minute period back in August. One of Chahal's home security cameras caught the assault on film, but the footage was ruled inadmissible in court because the police had seized it without a warrant. 

Chahal managed to duck 45 felony charges and jail time, coming away with just a few misdemeanor domestic violence and battery charges and a $500 fine - pocket change for this tech millionaire. 

Our community wouldn't let him get off so easily. 

As RadiumOne - one of the largest online advertising platforms in the world - prepared for a $100 million IPO, we launched this campaign calling for the Chahal's immediate removal from the Board and any operational roles.

Just a few days, and over 4,000 petition signatures, later RadiumOne heeded our demands and ousted Chahal! 

Thanks to each and every one of you who signed the petition, spread the word about this injustice on social media, and recruited friends to take action, as well!

Together, we sent a powerful message that violence against women is absolutely unacceptable in modern society. 


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