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I have been through sheer horror keeping alive in England. I have been used and abused as I am different. My accent is different and my degree is not from England. I never heard of slave labour or gang masters before I lived in England. I have done all I could to stay alive. My dogs meant the world to me. They were all I had. They were my best friends they are my family. They have helped me to endure and sustain all the abuse I have. They have brought me through a neck fracture and no pay. I could have paralyzed fully. Dogs are healers. I have had charity tell lies, waltz in jump my fencing, ensured I was held prisoner in my home like I am some kind of terrorist. England obviously wants my death. They don't want me to reveal what life is really like in England.. They stole my dogs. They did not care about me and that I have a disability. My dogs must be freed as my soul must be freed. My dogs must be returned to me and compensation paid to me. I don't care who gives me this compensation, the RSPCA, the police, the British government. I am owed compensation. Return my family of dogs now. Stop ensuring and showing Bully boy Britain exists without rights, democracy and justice and agencies must stop applying non existing NANNY rules.

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