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Blazing the GMO-Free Trail

“Transparency is part of our culture and our business model. We value pure food and ethical behavior, and our product selection and business practices reflect that.” 

- Stephen Trinkaus, owner and manager, Bellingham, Wash.-based Terra Organica 

As the first retailer in North America to label products likely to contain genetically engineered ingredients, Bellingham, Wash.-based Terra Organica is clearly the “right to know” industry leader.

When Terra Organica launched its GMO education campaign in 2006, customer interest was minimal. But that changed in 2012, during California’s high-profile Proposition 37 ballot initiative to label GMOs. As consumers became more aware, and more educated, about GMOs in the food supply, Terra Organic surveyed its customers to find out if they preferred that products containing GMOs be discontinued over time, or labeled. Ninety percent of the respondents said they wanted the store to label GMO products.

Once the decision to label was made, customers embraced it. “To say that our customers love our GMO policies would be an understatement,” said Stephen Trinkaus, owner and general manager (pictured). “They are proud to shop at a store that labels GMOs. Many go out of their way to shop here just because of that.”

Terra Organic was named one of OCA’s “Diligent Dozen” top Right to Know Grocers last year.

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