Kevin K. J. Belanger
Kevin K. J. Belanger campaign leader


Stop the Icelandic government and arms manufacturers Alcoa, Rio Tinto Alcan and Century Aluminum destroying Europe’s largest remaining wilderness for aluminium plants! Stop the so-called ‘master plan’ to ‘develop’ Iceland’s beautiful nature into a heavy industry hell servicing the greed of aluminium corporations! It has already started. A whole world has been drowned in the eastern Icelandic highlands. But the Kárahnjúkar dam project is only the beginning of a much wider destruction. These multinational vandals – willingly helped by the Icelandic government – are about to produce an environmental catastrophe of unprecedented proportions. It is not too late to stop all the other energy projects that are in the pipeline and drive heavy industry out of Iceland!

Saving Iceland

Saving Iceland is an international campaign to defend the Icelandic Wilderness, the largest remaining wild area of Europe, from heavy industry. Different transnational companies, particularly the aluminium industry, and the Icelandic government have begun to implement an immense program that will, if executed, transform the country from an outstanding area of natural beauty into another heavily industrialised and polluted area.

Plans include the constructing of new smelters and expansion of existing ones, the harnessing of many of the countryï’s major glacial river systems and destruction of supreme geological geyser landscapes and unique geothermal biosystems for new power plants.


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