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This is a photo of my daughter and two sons in our kitchen.

I separated from ex 10 years ago while I was still nursing Trey and pregnant with Jeremy because he is violent and abusive. My family was not protected by police or courts then and now. My sons have experienced violence from the womb until now. The boys are forced to live with their father against their will, treated like hostages, isolated and denied access to the family, friends and neighbors that they grew up with. It is disgusting that Trey and Jeremy have been forced to live with abuse their entire lives.

A custody switch occurred 5 years after the divorce and I have been denied access to my children by the courts ever since. This case has gone on four 4 years in the courts. Ex is a lifetime registered sex offender with an ongoing history of violence and assault with our family as well as other women and children. This is due to corrupt officials laundering taxpayer money through fraudulent programs that prey on abused children and keep these criminal cases in family courts. We have had no rights and so much criminal activity that we fear Trey and Jeremy will never recover and possibly not make it to adulthood.

All of us have grown up and experienced violence and abuse in this nation which is not allowing anyone to reach their full potential. I fear for the future of this nation.

Trey and Jeremy's childhood has been destroyed and it has affected all people that are in our lives including friends, family members and neighbors. Abuse and violence affects the entire nation. This nation is criminal with international human rights violations, corrupt family courts and cps.

I am sad that we live here now and regret that I could ever say something like this about this once great nation that I believed we lived in!!!



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