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Your Voice Won Us an Award/ Our Plea to Indian Voters Re Women's Safety

Dear Friends,

We have great news! Your votes won The 50 Million Missing Campaign a Katerva People's Award Honorary Mention! There were 50 finalists selected by the Katerva Committee who the public was voting on.  Alongside our campaign there were other global campaigns doing fantastic work for women's rights who were selected as finalists in the Gender Equality Category, and included One Billion Rising, Women's Funding Network, and the White Ribbon Alliance.  We are very honored by this award because it affirms for us your belief in the work we are doing.  Here's the announcement on our blog:


As many of you know, it is election time in India.  And for the first time voters will have a voting option--the NOTA-- to let the government and political parties know that we will not tolerate rapists and murderers in government.  Chennai and Mumbai will go to the polls on April 24.  We urge women and men in these and all towns and cities to use Nota to send a message out and set the ball rolling for India's freedom from criminal governance.  Please read our post on NOTA here and vote Nota!


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We thank you all for your support! 

The 50 Million Missing Administrative Team


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