Update #24 ·

This just got big

It has been one week since Aderonke’s evidence has been submitted to the High Court.

While we have been waiting for an decision on her case, organizations across the globe have mobilized around our demand for justice.

Together, we are tipping the scale as over 160,000 supporters are urging the Home Office to halt all deportations for LGBTI asylum seekers. 

Now, it's time for our Members of Parliament to take a stand and we need YOU to ask them.

1) If you live in the UK, click here to write to your MP and councillors.

  • The message has to be in your own words, but you should ask your MP to publicly request that Home Secretary Theresa May halt all LGBTI deportations until the system has been reviewed and modified.

2) If you don’t live in the UK, please share Aderonke’s video on your social media pages. 

We have more energy than ever before - let’s keep it up!  

Thank you, 
Movement for Justice


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