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Email the State Dept & Egyptian Embassy on Mohamed Soltan's behalf!

The horrific sentencing of 529 Morsi supporters to death in one mass trial – consisting of just two sessions, each one lasting less than one hour – shows that Egypt’s current government has no regard for the basic human right.

US citizenship won’t grant you due process in Egypt either – just look at the tragic case of 26-year-old Ohio State University graduate Mohamed Soltan. The Egyptian American anti-coup activist is being held without charge in an Egyptian prison, on day 85 of a hunger strike


Here’s what you can do right now to support Mohamed's cause: 

Send an email to Anne Patterson, Assistant Secretary of State, and the Egyptian Ambassador to the US, Ambassador Tawfik. Tell them to help free political prisoner Mohamed Soltan and demand Egypt end its wide-ranging assault on free expression.

Sample Text:

To: Deputy Secretary Patterson/Ambassador Tawfik:

Mohamed Soltan is a 26-year-old US citizen who has been imprisoned in Egypt for over 200 days and has been on a hunger strike for over 80 days. His trial dates have been postponed over and over again. He is now so weak he can't walk and his family is very concerned about how long he can last on this hunger strike.

I urge the US government to demand that the Egyptian government release Mohamed Soltan. I also call on the Egyptian government to let Mohamed Soltan go and end its brutal crackdown on Egyptian dissenters. If Mohamed dies, his blood will be on your hands.


Your Name

Ambassador Tawfik
Egyptian Embassy
Email:[email protected]

Anne Patterson
State Department
Email:[email protected]


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