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Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for all your support! We are so glad that you have found some resonance with our project's goals. We would like to take this opportunity to share some details about Project Vietnam with you, and show how we hope to address certain social issues and empower both the shelter children, and the high school students from Cambodia and Vietnam.

Project Vietnam ’14 aims to develop self-belief in two groups of students: those living in shelters and Vietnamese and Cambodian high school students. For most of the children currently living in shelters in Ho Chi Minh City, low fundings and lack of resources hinder the shelters from facilitating the children in their intellectual and emotional growth. Often feeling isolated from society, they are unable to develop the sense of confidence and self-worth necessary to succeed as individuals and as members of the community. For the Vietnamese and Cambodian high school students, rigorous academic curriculums of more than 10 subjects per semester and lofty expectations leave little time for them to engage in social activities. Therefore, they are unable to gain vital soft skills and the sense of responsibility towards communal welfare.

SEALNet Vietnam hopes to address both issues through one program. In the first week, mentors (university students from around the world) will provide leadership training for the mentees (Vietnamese and Cambodian high school students) through a series of workshops and activities that hone necessary soft skills. The second week engages the shelter children, and mentors will apply skills learned from the first week in the planning and execution of educational workshops, personal reflection, and connection-building activities for empowering the children. To encourage bonding and cultural exchange, a home-stay program and multiple cultural sharing sessions are arranged, cultivating necessary respect other cultures, ideas, and perspectives. Afterwards, mentors, mentees, and the shelter children will cook together in a charity kitchen event and distribute food to children living on the streets.

By exposing the high school students and the shelter children to an awareness of social responsibility, we hope to develop the confidence of these youths, encouraging them to believe in their capabilities to affect change, and create a generation of future leaders that are compassionate, knowledgeable, and active in their society. We also hope that the high school students will leave the project equipped with the necessary leadership skills. To sustain the project’s outcomes in the long run, team members will stay in touch with the mentees and shelter children and continue to support them in their future endeavors.

We hope that this explanation of how the project will be conducted will address any queries, and demonstrate in more concrete detail how we will realize our goals.

Thanks for taking the time to view this post and for considering our cause!

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