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An Inconvenient Question

On February 27, First Lady Michelle Obama went to bat for the FDA’s proposed new-and-improved rules for labels on food.

Conspicuously absent from all the media buzz was any mention of the number one food policy issue in this country right now—GMO labeling.

How could Mrs. Obama talk about food labeling laws and not even mention GMO labeling? With more than 30 states working on GMO labeling initiatives or laws?

OCA first approached Mrs. Obama in 2012, with more than 200,000 signatures on a petition asking her to remind her husband, President Obama, of his 2007 campaign promise to label GMOs.

She ignored us then. She’s ignoring us now.

And it seems, she’s ignoring the makers of, Fed Up, a new documentary that says the food industry is to blame for America’s health crisis.

If Mrs. Obama wants us to believe that she’s genuinely interested in the health of this country’s children, she needs to answer our question, no matter how inconvenient, about GMO labeling.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Michelle Obama: Consumers Want Labels on Genetically Modified Foods!

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