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How to Stop Captive Breeding of Predators


  • The NSPCA is opposed to the practise of captive breeding of wild predators.
  • The NSPCA is willing to do whatever it takes to end this cruel industry.
  • The NSPCA won a Constitutional Court case in July 2013: Licences for animal training, exhibition and use must now be issued by an expert committee instead of magistrates.
  • The NSPCA will, in terms of s.2 of Act 71 of 1962 investigate any person who: 

(b) confines, chains, tethers or secures any animal unnecessarily or under such conditions or in such a manner or position as to cause that animal unnecessary suffering or in any place which affords inadequate space, ventilation, light protection or shelter from heat, cold or weather; or

(c) unnecessarily starves or under-feeds or denies water or food to any animal; or

(m) conveys, carries, confines, secures, restrains or tether any animal (i) under such conditions or in such a manner or position or for such a period of time or over such a distance as to cause that animal unnecessary suffering; or (ii) in conditions affording inadequate shelter, light or ventilation or in which such animal is excessively exposed to heat, cold, weather, sun, rain, dust exhaust gases or noxious fumes; or (iii) without making adequate provision for suitable food, potable water and rest for such animal in curcumstances where it is necessary; or

(p) being the owner of any animal, deliberately or without reasonable cause or excuse, abandons it, whether permanently or not in curcumstances likely to cause that animal unneccessary suffering; or

(s) kills any animal in contravention of a prohibition in terms of a notice published in the Gazette under subsection (3) of this section. 

Subsection (3): The Minister may by notice in the Gazette prohibit the killing of an animal specified in the notice with the intention of using the skin or meat or any other part of such animal for commercial purposes.


The NSPCA has asked us to petition Government directly, so as to enable them to end this universally condemned practise.  

In light of that, we have a new petition to the Minister of Agriculture, in whose portfolio the Animal Protection Act falls.

Please sign the new petition: https://www.causes.com/actions/1769137-sign-the-petition-to-minister-of-agriculture-as-defined-in-animal-anti-cruelty-act

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