No living creature was ever meant to be shoved into a crate so small that there is no way for it to move. No creature was ever meant to stay in such a crate 24/7. Put yourself in these victims place, how would you feel? Are we, this human society so vile and viscous that we would intentionally do this horrible thing to an innocent creature. Little baby calves ripped away from their mothers as soon as they are born and then shipped off to a slaughter house to be shoved in a crate,never allowed to go outside or get any sun shine. Never to run and play but condemned to stand in a crate day in and day out till the slaughter day comes and they are butchered so people can eat veal..They never get to feel their mothers touch again, nor she theirs.What monsters we humans are. This is just one kind of victim, their are many more that suffer needlessly, at the hands of us so called human beings. Well those that will do these things, or stand by and let these things go on are nothing human. There is no humanity in their souls, oh that is something else these cruel things don't have, that's a soul.Why do animals have to suffer? They should never have to suffer. We need to clean this planet up and all the suffering should be stopped forever.To them their lives are just as important as we believe ours to be. They like us do not want to be abused, suffer , and die. Just because they don't speak our language they are called dumb but actually they are not. They understand each other quite well.If you went to a foreign country and they were speaking in that language, that you yourself did not know or understand, what would that be any different, to animals not speaking human language? Think about it, will you?

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