The reason I support this campaign starts with the fact that I worked at the McDonald's at Broadway & Blenheim from November 1988 to June 29, 1990. Working as a Customer Service/Cashier for that 1 and 1/2, I got to realize how poor that McD's mass-produced junk food. My one major complaint while working there, was the fact that their salad mix is not washed. it comes from the supplier in California, shredded and shrink-wrapped. Most restaurants don't wash their veggies because they say the wilting makes it look bad.

This McD's opened in 1977, the year I finished elementary school.

McD's fries have gotten worse ever since Ray Kroc started using frozen fries from J.R. Simplot in 1955. Before then the McDonald brothers only used fresh potatoes.

But at the time I was working at McD's, Subway started up down the street. One day I went into Subway after work, and I asked their manager if they washed their lettuce. He said that if I didn't believe him that they did, he would sanitize for me?

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