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How to Join Representation Day — Tuesday, April 15th, 2014:

Friends, I was so inspired when I watched this that I nearly teared up: In cities across America this weekend, people got a head start on Representation Day, and the footage has already begun to pour in.

I hope this quick highlight reel inspires you to you join us and be in the next video. 

Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 15th, people like you will star in our next big video, as they hold signs, recruit supporters, and do all kinds of creative Tax Day actions to demand “No Taxation Without Representation.” It’s time for politicians to represent us, not big money special interests.  

This is your last chance to be the star of the film! It’s easy and anyone can participate: It can be as simple as printing out a sign and snapping a selfie, or as complex as… whatever you dream up!

How to Join Representation Day — Tuesday, April 15th, 2014:

  1. //  Get ready to get seen: Tomorrow, grab a sign, put up a poster, or hand-out fliers. Whatever you want! (Here are templates for everything you need.) 

  2. //  Get outside: Go to the Post Office, City Hall, your representative’s district office, even Main Street. Choose a time and place that works for you! Just take a few minutes, get outside and make a statement.

  3. //  Take your #RepDay photo. There’s nothing more powerful or inspiring than seeing real people fighting for the change they believe in. Tomorrow, take your #RepDay photo, selfie, or quick video (the camera on your phone is more than enough) and upload it to Causes here.

Successful political movements are built by people taking time out of their busy day to be part of something important. Representation Day is the first step towards passing anti-corruption laws in every town, city, state...all the way to Washington. This kind of change will only happen if enough people make an effort. Please join us. 

Thank you for everything you do! 

Josh Silver, Director

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