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Why do we have these government agencies anyway?? Why do we have laws-like the Animal Welfare Act? Why are we paying taxes and funding these departments and paying these "dead beats"??!!
This case has gone on TOO long and MUST be CLOSED and Tony sent to a sanctuary in Tennessee or California! Tigers are endangered and MUST ALL be protected under CITES as well!
I am fighting for the passage of HR 3985, HR 1998 & S. 1381. COMMON sense, HUMANE bills that will END the ownership and possession of ALL BIG CATS! This is NO place for such a magnificent, beautiful animal! Tony is but a shell of a tiger in that cage! Michael Sandlin is an animal abuser, a criminal and is violating the law! He has NO respect for this awesome tiger-NONE what so ever and does NOT deserve to keep him!!!! DISGUSTING and PATHETIC to allow this tiger to remain in these conditions!! APPALLING!! SHAMEFUL!!

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