Makoi Anderson
Makoi Anderson campaign leader

For proof of as to why you should protect wolves... reflect on the 80 year absence of wolves in Yellowstone National Park, Montana, United States.
There were no wolves, and coyotes were the top predators. Coyotes preyed on the young Pronghorn Antelope, who are incapable of defending themselves, or even moving for the first 5 days of their life. With all the babies dying, the Pronghorn population was plummeting. The coyotes however, were over-population, by allot. They would never prey on elk, as they are far too large for the coyote, who is about the size of a medium sized dog. With that, the elk would stay in river gullies, eating all the vegetation. The animals, insects, and plants that depend on that would then die.
When wolves were re-introduced, they would prey on the elk in the gullies, seeing them as easy targets, with the elevation of the sides of the river. The elk became more cautious, and only grazed in the gullies for short amounts of time, if at all. So, that fixed the vegetation population. What about the Pronghorn and the coyotes? Well...
With the wolves back in the park, the coyotes became a little more cautious of the large looming predators. When coyotes entered into a wolf's territory, they would be killed for their bold act; smelling the wolf, but defying them and striding on in anyway. With the coyotes' population back under control, the Pronghorn babies have more of a chance. With that the Pronghorn return to a steady population.
Without the wolf, the park was in havoc. It's because of them that that havoc was corrected. Wolves must be safe, or what happened in Yellowstone, could happen in the entire country of Canada.


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