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The Voiceless Dogs of Nassau, Bahamas.
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The story of a very special homeless beachdog from Nassau - her name was Abba.
Abba sadly passed away before she could be sent to her new home in the USA.
Abba is Chella's inspiration and Angel :)
In Abba's loving memory Chella strives daily to find new homes for all her beloved beachdogs xox

What a difference a year, a day, a minute, a second makes..
Cause I remember well the day I found Abba on the streets..
It was Jan, 30 2013. She was under a car and would not come out to eat unless I left..and I did, just so she could eat.
She was in way better shape back then than what she is now.. her beautiful tail is all matted and needs trimming..she is frail and looks even sadder.
For so long I wanted to help her but being scared of me did not help her..
Many dogs went home way before her but she did not want me around and I could not force her.
I stopped going to that area after 2 of my dogs died days apart from the other and I took every dog I could find but she was not there everyday and so she left for a while and I don't know where she went.
This year I went back again and to my surprise, there she was.
There were new dogs everywhere and were scared too but it did not take me too long for them to be so friendly, but yet, the one that I knew the longest did not want any part of me.
Every day I will go feed them and every time she was there and saw me coming, she would run away, did not even want to eat for being afraid of me..
Just 2 days ago, I was feeling sad and started to cry..she came to me and rested her head on my knees as I was seating on the floor.. she just simply looked at me with those little sad eyes and wanted me to touch her..and I did..
She changed everything in a blink of an eye..cause I needed hope so bad right and there in my heart.
Today I was there and I prayed that she did not forget me.. to my delight, she came running to me, wagging her tail with the biggest smile!!
I cannot tell you the emotion I felt by her now being so loving to me.
I kissed her over and over, she slept on my lap and I pulled a lot of her matted hair and saved in my pocket to put it under my pillow (cause I am crazy as hell) :-)
I wish it did not have to take this long for her to change, but things always happen for a reason and I am sure God had his reason for letting her be homeless an extra year that she could have gone home already..
So maybe something amazing is going to happen to this baby girl this year and she can finally stop worrying about life on the streets and how cruel people can be sometimes and she can trust again to others like she trust me now.
She smiled the entire time I was with her and through that smile I noticed she only have one tooth left on the lower front..

To read more about dear Abba and to see her pictures - here is the link.
Fundraising link - any donations to help are greatly appreciated.
They help with food, vetting and transportation to new homes.
Many thanks.



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