Trish Graham-Elliott
Trish Graham-Elliott campaign leader

The meeting is being held in Bangor Town Hall on Friday the 25th of April at 11am.
Could we all please arrange to gather there?
Not as a protest but to support the NCBC members who are very much behind us with what's happening at Portavoe!
Lets support those who ARE supporting PORTAVOE'S CASE!
As always in a dignified manner.
We want Danny Kennedy and Mark Durkin to get this work stopped until AFTER the nesting season.
Also to point out that this goes against the EU Wildlife directive!
Our First Representative is Peter Martin Thank you so much
Our Second representative is John Barry. Many thanks to him for same
Our third representative is and HAD to be Austen Lennon 'Councillor' YAAY
Our fourth representative who has long been on the Portavoe Working Group,
Is Ian Henry. Thank you Ian for ALL your help.
Marion Smith will also be representing us.


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