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We Will Not Be Muzzled

Monsanto has a long and storied history of discrediting (and silencing) any scientist who dares expose the company’s lies about the “safety” of its genetically engineered crops. It’s a little tougher for the Biotech Bully to silence consumers. At least, not without spending a lot of money.

We saw it in California. We saw it in Washington State. Two citizen ballot initiatives to require mandatory labeling of GMOs, narrowly defeated. By $70 million of industry money.

Now the money is pouring into Jackson County, Ore., where citizens wanting to protect their farms and families have launched an initiative to ban GMO crops. $455,000 so far. In a county with a population of under 207,000 people.

Monsanto and friends will keep digging into their pockets. Because they’re terrified we’re going to win.

And we are. Sooner or later. In one state, one county, after another.

Because we will not be muzzled.

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