Update #14 ·

Dramatic Slowdown

Just like the last time we went gangbusters with this petition , we have hit a lull ... the truly passionate come out of the gate with all the energy and action to get the ball rolling and then it appears we run out of interested parties ... I know in fact this is not the case ... I believe people tire of hearing my rants as I do not have a smooth presentation regarding this problem here ... 

I have asked for help to lead this campaign and maybe I am not getting the messages ... I still do not know what is required of the people signing so that they are elibible to lead that campaign along with myself ... I have added successfully to date only one person and I am not entirely sure how that happened other than I clicked the name and they were in .... please do not forget that each day thousands of healthy and treatable animals are murdered by a system that is legal because no one is watching it happen .... HELP!!!! the attached picture reminds me that no animal wants to die ... why are they being forced to die? WHY ARE THEY BEING FORCED TO DIE ???? HELP ...



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