Vu Anh Nguyen
Vu Anh Nguyen campaign leader

"A 2006 report from Human Rights Watch estimated that 23,000 street children were living throughout Vietnam. Brosowski said he has encountered children -- some as young as 6 -- sleeping under bridges and in trees. On the streets, children are susceptible to a wide range of threats and pitfalls: gang violence, bullying, child trafficking, the lure of a booming heroin trade."

Brosowski is a hero who left his job in order to devote his full time to the Blue Dragon Foundation, which helps these kids get off the streets and provides them with housing, safety, medical attention, and opportunities for a better future. Following Brosowski's "I can, so I should" motto, PV'14 believes that we can help these kids build the confidence to reach their full potential, and therefore we should.

When talking about social problems, people often say "society needs to change." However, these children cannot wait for "society" to change. PV'14 asks that you join us in our endeavor to BE THE CHANGE that these children need.

Please support and donate to our cause!

- Vu-Anh Nguyen, PV'14 Core Team Member

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