Tran Bao
Tran Bao campaign leader

"Oh gosh, I can't seem to find my blue jeans in the closet. This is so tiring", I often think this to myself whenever I'm preparing to go out. Seems like a big problem to me, but after I've learned about them, I feel so embarrassed. There are street kids living out there, facing all kinds of adversity and hardship, yet they never complain a thing. To feed themselves and their families, they go around the streets, some begging, some selling lotteries or even do any kinds of work to earn some money, but in return they were ignored as if they're "invisible".
Some of them may find their ways to live in charity shelters, being provided with food and education support. However, we felt a need for them to regain their confidence and self-belief in order to realize their dreams.
Together we can help them! Lend us your hands now to make a difference!

Ly Pav - PV'14 member

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