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M.A.R.C.S. 6th Annual Walk A Thon April 5th 2014

Today I woke up with mixed emotions as I got dressed for the 6th Annual M.A.R.C.S. Walk A Thon; 24 years of helping bury persons whom have died from murder,abuse,rape,chronic illness,suicide. What an amazing trip of wonder! People don't believe in a one woman or man charitable event. Why! I have helped bury 29 or thirty people since 1990. The amount may be 18.00 0r 900.00 but at least I' am making a difference in a world where there is alot of people with low incomes that cannot bury their loved ones. My love for others out shines the reasons of WHY. I raise the small amounts with my GOD given talents. THANKS TO HIM I understand love thy neighbor.

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