Update #22 ·

We're going to the Home Office

We have one week until the High Court reviews Aderonke’s case.

On April 9th and 11th, we will deliver all 650 pages of your signatures and dozens of other documents to the High Court and then to the Home Office, to demand that Aderonke be granted asylum.

That is why we need your help.

Each printed page costs 10 pence. Aderonke cannot afford to print them herself, in addition to making signs and banners for the delivery.

Will you help us by chipping in 5 pounds, dollars, - or whatever you can afford - to Aderonke’s campaign?

We need to raise 200 pounds for all the prints and materials. We've come so far for Aderonke, now let's make sure our voices count. 

Chip in now


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