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Who are the Cuban Five?

Who are the Cuban Five?

Well, for starters they are the winners of Global Exchange's 2014 People’s Choice Award.

The Cuban Five are heroes to the Cuban people, well known to many around the globe, but to most in the United States, their case is unknown.

Ultimately jailed in the United States on charges that are widely recognized as trumped up, five Cuban agents were sent to Miami, FL in the 1990s – when violent anti-Castro groups were at a high and acting with impunity against Cuba and the Cuban people – The Five were to report and investigate these groups to stop terrorist attacks against Cuba. Their capture, detention, trials, and sentencing has been widely criticized, including calls for their release by eight international Nobel Prize winners and Amnesty International.

You can learn more about the case of the Cuban Five at the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuba 5. Also watch this short video with Danny Glover.

The Cuban 5 will be honored alongside the Freedom Schools and María Estela Barco Huerta at the 12th annual Human Rights Awards in San Francisco, CA.

Continue to reach out to the Obama Administration urging them to normalize diplomatic relations with the island country, end the 50-year blockade, and free the Cuban 5.

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