Patricia Audrain
Patricia Audrain campaign leader

The Diamond Collar, on the OWN network, is a television show which depicts the lives of James Guiliani and Madelena Perrelli, focusing on their relentless efforts to rescue animals.

The show has touched a special chord with viewers all over the country, especially animal lovers who are moved by the stories of animal rescues. It serves as a platform of sorts for the very important issue of homeless and abused animals in this country.

Witnessing James and Madelena's efforts on behalf of unwanted and abused animals is an inspiration to us all to do more ourselves. Their stories and actions are calling attention to the plight of animals, and showing us that even two people can make a difference if they care.

Why cancel a show such as this that inspires good things? That opens our eyes on this issue and shows what good things can be accomplished if we work together?

James & Madelena are striving to open a sanctuary in upstate New York to help a much larger number of animals than their little rescue center in Brooklyn can. What a worthwhile dream to have :)

Diamond Collar fans: Please sign and share so that we can save our show. Thank you.


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