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I don't buy it!


Last week President Obama said he is going to reform the NSA.  

Believe him?  Or is this just another Obama lie?

According to the Guardian Obama’s reforms are a sham and leave little room for actual change... 

“The significant thing about Obama's announcement is the two things it left out: surveillance of the internet (as distinct from the telephonic activity of American citizens); and of the rest of the world – that's you and me. So even if Obama succeeds in getting his little policy swerve through Congress, the central capabilities of the national surveillance state will remain in place, untouched and unimpaired.” 

President Obama may have had a change of heart, but his proposed changes leave out surveillance of the internet and still allow spying on the rest of the world.   

Ask yourself...do you feel more comfortable? 

The USA Freedom Act is far more comprehensive and remains that best hope we have for the real reform we need. 

We must remain vigilant! 

Continue making your calls and recruiting your friends to join our community. 

For Freedom,


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Our privacy is under assault and no one seems to care! Join the Twitter Squad today and commit to spreading the word about the NSA and its spying programs. Joining the Twitter Squad means you will be a part of a group who can respond quickly to breaking news and educate the public against the NSA's continuous invasion of our privacy.   We will make it easy for you to participate by providing…

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Call your Elected Officials Today! As we speak hundreds of millions of pieces of personal information and data are being collected by the NSA without cause or consent. The NSA has been illegally tracking your phone calls, text messages, and emails in direct violation of your privacy and the Constitution. In an effort to fight back several lawmakers have sponsored legislation known as the USA…

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