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The COOP.WALK. since 2003 on the road as a sign of democracy and helping each other.
We, the people are the government, not dictators or only profit searching people. And we take responsability ! The rules: Put three objects or persons on the road and then all the time the last one in
in front of the first so make our aims visible. We are patient and endeavouring and rising to our best power, taking care of all people and wellness of our earth !
The photo shows women in cairo 2012, still anxious to perform their aims. Here with the words on their backs: WOMEN COME FREE. In Barcelona and Moscow and on many other places engaged people continue themselves with the words:
PEOPLE HELP IMAGINE.... on their backs. Help to spreed not only words, but also the performing symbol : Those " Beatles words" knock on heart doors, as I found out.They are well knowmn all over the world ! Now do it yourself, whereever you live, put a video on facebook and YOU TUBE or elsewhere, anable your friends to do as well and go on COOP.WALKing. After doing that, put yourself on the COOP.WALK of FAME. www.artisart-of-linving.de
and belong to great community o world movers. My Performance COOP. WALK from now on is your world building art work !
Inform yourself : YOUTUBE : Henrike Koppenbrink or on Facebook:
Koppenbrink On Tour. wordpress : coopwalk ...
Yours, Koppenbrink !

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