Jenn Wisniewski
Jenn Wisniewski campaign leader

I am elated to share the news that San Roque Elementary and Mohon Elementary are officially adopted!!! The schools will both receive a years worth of school supplies including paper, pens, pencils chalk etc..!

Thank you to Forest Hills Public Schools and family/ friends who have donated and are dedicated to the international community we all are a part of. I am very thankful to have support for a cause I am very passionate about and am humbled by the willingness of others to support a new cause.

In partnership with GoAbroad and VFV, we are still working out how to best spend the rest of the money raised and looking towards the future for possible fundraisers and other projects. I cannot wait to receive updates and pictures of student's receiving their supplies once their 2014-2015 school year commences!

Campaign closed

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