We did it - the film FRAGILE WATERS is funded!

THANKS to YOU, our amazing, incredible supporters - WE DID IT! 

The film Fragile Waters, is FUNDED! Orca Network is so excited for this opportunity to work with filmmakers Rick Wood and Shari Macy to help create a film that will raise awareness about the connection between endangered Southern Resident orcas, and their need for salmon. Our hope is that the film will reach a wide audience, and raise support for the protection and actions needed to provide healthy and productive habitats for salmon and orcas, so future generations will continue to thrill at the sight of these two icons of the Pacific Northwest. 

As a thank-you for your support, Rick has agreed to share a link to an online version of the film to supporters when the film is complete. In the meantime, know that Rick and Shari are busy creating a film that will speak for us and for the orcas, and inspire people to do what needs to be done to help them survive. 

Here is a thank you from filmmakers Rick Wood and Shari Macy:

We started this project built upon hope and determination. 

Saving the Southern Resident orcas (SRKWs) is so dear to us, so important to us as both filmmakers and parents, that we started filming without funding and hoped it would come together later. There was no time to waste. And, if we had to, we would have made the film happen (as best we could) with just our equipment and time. 

Now, having the resources to go to where salmon spawn, orcas breach and scientists work will make this film - this story - stand out. "Fragile Waters" is tackling subject matter that's never been covered and filming places and individuals who have never been featured in a documentary before. To say it's "groundbreaking" is an understatement. Beyond that, we're crafting something visually stunning, something that will captivate and draw folks into it. 

Because, at the end of the day, we have one mission: making people care enough to do whatever it takes to save the SRKWs. 

 "Thank you" falls greatly short of what I want to say to every supporter who took action and made this happen. We are YOUR voice and the voice of the orcas! From the bottom of our hearts, we carry YOUR spirits with us as we tell this amazing and difficult story.

Cheers, - Rick & Shari

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