Sergio Barbesta
Sergio Barbesta campaign leader

What animals are thinking in a Zoo? Same things are thinking men in prison but without having any guilt!

They think of freedom, to run free in their habitat.

Just because animals can’t talk, does not mean they can’t feel. Everybody was created by God with the gift of freedom. Who are we to take this right away from them?

No more reasons to keep Animals in Zoo-Prisons, beginning with those that keep animals in small cages and in confined spaces.

No more Zoos! Please copy and paste our cry on your walls and on main Social Networks.

Please join also to our dedicated Facebook Group to give us more strength and International weight: and to our official FB page:

Yes WE CAN! WE can CLOSE them! But only all together.

Thank you!
Sergio Barbesta – President & Founder – the animals’ voice!

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