Mike Meador
Mike Meador campaign leader

We need the state legislature to return Tax Amnesty Program. Small businesses and everyday citizens are affected by tax laws which don't allow just mitigation for past tax liabilities. Although they do allow the 1%er's tax relief. The current laws cause damage to individual’s reputation, inability to obtain employment and some cases in ability to obtain health care. Plus, they only satisfy the needs for the wealthy 1% of our population who are having tax issues.
Studies show that repetitive use of full tax amnesty increase state revenues and therefore are an incentive to improve the welfare of its public. It is necessary to have those individuals who were not able to pay their taxes back on the tax rolls again. Why are they giving tax incentives just to the wealthy 1%er's who have made fortunes and hiding their money over in Swiss bank accounts. Why must the laws protect them? When hard working citizens who are paying their taxes be led to suffer. We are all citizens of this great state of California and should receive the same due. Let state Senators and Assembly members know we need equal protection under the law. The laws wasn’t written just for the wealthy 1%.

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