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Response from NSPCA - please comment

Please read the response from NSPCA and comment on a way forward:


We agree fully that the NSPCA and us are on the same side.  The challenge is in fully co-operating - all parties should unite and oppose captive breeding.  

We know the NSPCA opposes it, but we need the NSPCA to ACTIVELY join us in making representations.  By law, it is in the best position to make such representations (of course with our help).

Should the Appeal Court ruling that rejected the Ministerial Regulations that attempted to end Canned Hunting (the regulations was found to contain an error, namely a "wilding period"  - decided upon by the minister without consultation - for captive bred lions ) prevent the NSPCA from making representations to the new Minister to help with the re-issue of appropriate regulations (corrected to exclude the wilding period)?

It was not the intention of the court to perpetuate breeding of cubs for canned hunting, but to correct an erroneous assumption by the then Minister that lions can ever be "wilded"  again.  The ruling should in NO WAY deter the NSPCA.


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