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Court refuses to hear oral arguments on April 3rd

So we wouldn't be fighting for accountability 11 years after Iraq if we believed in hiding ugly truths - so we won't sugar coat this: there's been a major setback to this movement. 

The court has put off the April 3rd hearing and we are waiting for an order to come down from the judge any day now.

Here's a note from Sundus' attorney Inder Comar:


"My office received a notice from the court that it was taking the matter "under submission" on the papers and would not need a hearing. This happens from time to time, and we are thrilled that briefing is now complete in the first US court case regarding the legality of the Iraq War under international law. The Court's order could come down any moment - when it does, we will distribute it with some commentary to help people with the "legalese," and will announce further action as well.

In sum, this Court will be deciding whether (1) the Nuremberg Tribunal's judgment, which prohibits countries from engaging in aggression, continues to be recognized under US and international law; and (2) whether former President George W. Bush and other officials were acting within their "scope of employment" when they allegedly planned and waged the Iraq War in violation of that same principle. These questions are serious and weighty, and we are looking forward to the discussion prompted by the Court's eventual order, whatever it may be."


Whatever the judge decides, we will respond with a rally outside the federal courthouse in San Francisco, CA. Stay tuned for the action alert!

No court ruling can keep us from demanding justice. We will not give up

In peace and accountability,

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