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Stop the killing by recruiting, equipping, training, and deploying ecoguards as well as launching protection programs in new sites. We're also expanding aerial surveillance - the best way to rapidly detect and respond to poaching activity. Right now we have 5 planes in sites across Africa and are planning to introduce planes into Congo and Tanzania and to use a helicopter for anti-poaching in Mozambique.
Stop the trafficking by launching new anti-trafficking operations in Pointe Noire (Congo's largest port), Pemba (northern Mozambique's largest port), the Uganda-Kenya border, and Nigeria. But we don't just want to get better at catching traffickers — we want to close the loopholes they exploit by pressuring our own country to enact an ivory trade moratorium and supporting other countries to do likewise.

Stop the demand by educating the public about ivory's deadly toll. The true cost of ivory is dead elephants - a fact that many people simply don't know. Through our 96 Elephants campaign, we’re working to raise this awareness, and collaborating with many partners to spread the message far and wide. Together, we plan to reduce consumer demand for ivory by 25% by 2016.
Your support will help WCS continue and scale up our ecoguard programs to reduce poaching and give elephants a fighting chance for survival. With your donations and pledges, we’ll also continue to monitor elephants in some of their last wild strongholds, and ensure that our protection efforts are working.
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