Sam Burgess
Sam Burgess campaign leader

I want this video to show people the inhumane actions taken against the Bengal tiger and show how they can help save the tigers species from becoming extinct. I want to show the people around the world that steps such as reducing your carbon footprints and donating to organisations can save the Bengal tiger.

Viewers of this video will by affected by graphic images of slaughtered Bengal tigers and some of the cubs taken and sold overseas. In the video there are also hard truths and facts about the tiger, such as there are only a little over 1,700 monitored in the whole world, and they have a small habitat in the Sundarbans forest in India which is only getting smaller from rising sea levels. The song “Eye of the Tiger” is also effective because was a popular song in its time and should remind people that the tiger is an icon. Hopefully the video should help to move people about the Bengal tigers becoming extinct.


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