Dylan Victor
Dylan Victor campaign leader

The goal of this video was to make people feel sad about the orangutan being endagered and want to help the species because of the way they are treated due to deforestation. I aimed to make a video that greatly impacts on people by showing what is happening to the orangutans.
My video will help because I think it impacts on people by making them realise what has been happening to the orangutans. Another goal of the video was to make the viewers realise that if everyone puts in a small effort then the extinction of orangutans can be avoided. I want to make people realise they should not buy products that contain palm oil.

I used a range of stratergies throughout my video to achieve my goal. The images of orangutans influence people in the way that they make people feel sad and the pictures who will make people can feel they should help the species. I also think my video are very effective as the people who watch this video will learn how the orangutans are facing extinction if we keep buying palm oil products.

Most people who watch this video will be moved by the problems orangutans are facing. The things that have happened are not right and by this video in place I am hoping many people will see what is happening from my perspective.

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