Update #26 ·

Please help us May 17.18th to end this cruelty

These lovely dogs  were once some one's pets. They were sold into the live meat market in South Korea where they were tortured in front of each other and killed. This can not continue. We can not ask for a dog or cat to love us and trust us and then betray him/her. No animal deserves to suffer. Please join the NoToDogMeat Campaign. Please speak out. http://www.notodogmeat.com

Weekend May 18th we have our World Awareness against the dog and cat meat trade. All groups welcome.

You can also help with a donation to our registered charity 1154524  or by buying a t shirt, perhaps organising a fundraise. http://www.wpdcmt.org http://www.notodogmeat.com/donate.html

Many free initiatives like downloading a flyer, joining our Facebook  NoToDogMeat or Twitter @NoToDogMeat


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