Throughout my life I have been abused. From childhood to adulthood. I do not consider myself a victim, I am a survivor. I am single after coming out of an abusive relationship of ten years.. it has only been five months however when I get the chance to raise awareness of domestic violence and sexual abuse I do so. I have made two different presentations with the focus on DV to help either victims or their love ones know the signs of abuse. I have offered personal counseling and share my story to make them feel more comfortable and let them know that I truly understand. What I have learned is to speak up about it... in order to help those who are wanting to leave their abusive relationship or to help someone who wants to help a victim. If more people knew all about domestic violence and sexual assaults/abuse only than can we have a voice to report the aggressors. I will keep my fight to sparkle daily... and spread the word on how to help victims.

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