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Jason is a gentle soul who I have met and he has become somewhat of an Icon at the Granville Island Market located in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. He has had his picture taken by tourists from all over the world and you will find him on YouTube in a video entitled: "The BirdMan Of Granville Island." Jason has been going for years, everyday at around 2:00 p.m. to feed the birds at Granville Island. He has found that taking an interest in the birds (he also has helped with the rescue of many sick and injured birds located there) by feeding them some seed it has helped him greatly to fight off depression which he suffers from. As he puts it: "feeding the birds gives me a reason for getting up in the morning. They give me such joy and I am a "new man" since I began to do this, I am joyful and happy, where once I could not even leave my house I was so terribly depressed." The Granville Island Security used to allow Jason to feed his birds until a female resident of the area, which is an upper class area decided he did not fit the criteria of other "yuppie condo owners" and that he should not be in "her" area feeding his "disgusting vermin birds." So she went into the Administrative Offices of Granville Island Market everyday to insist that they drive Jason off the premises. I received a call from Jason who explained to me what has happened. Needless to say, he is heartbroken and worried sick about his "birds" whom he knows depend on him. Jason is literally being "harassed" by the Granville Island Security who told him they will take him to court and sue him if he continues to feed the birds. However, many others feed the birds there everyday, and they are not told to stop or threatened with legal action. Please sign this Petition to support Jason. With your signature, I will be able to fight for his right to feed his birds by taking the signed Petition to Kyle Robertson, CMHC Director of the Granville Island Property. I have told him that I will be doing up a Petition.


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