Mary Neal
Mary Neal campaign leader

Allegations of rape and sexual assault involving inmates are increasing, and nearly half those assaults are committed against prisoners by correctional officers, according to a new report issued by the Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS).

Prison rape is widely ignored by authorities, ABC News reports.
The American prison system has been described as a "sexual jungle," where there are predators and prey. Experts say some prison officials quietly permit rape as a way to control the population.

"The predators — the more violent, powerful inmates — are in effect being given a bribe or a reward to cooperate with the prison authorities," says Harvard University criminologist Dr. James Gilligan. "As long as they cooperate, the prison authorities will permit them to have their victims."

A video examines sex abuse in women's prisons. The Julia Tutwiler Prison in Alabama has been the subject of a Department of Justice investigation, and the findings of the report are horrendous.

Victims of prison rapes must have a toll-free number to reach officials outside of their correctional institutions and report sexual abuse. Otherwise, their reports may be ignored, and the inmates filing such complaints may suffer retaliation.


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