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Janet Olson's New Challenge

Jan Olson has now spent the past two and a half years proceeding through the BC court system which requires an endless series of court appearances that seem to serve no purpose other than to earn lawyers money. This is a very costly process, both for the accused and the taxpayers. She has now spent over $50,000 in legal fees and has had the court take a further $50,000 from her as bail, the highest bail amount ever imposed for theft under $500. Olson was forced to retire early when she was informed that her trial would take two years and that she would have a criminal record which would mean she could no longer perform her duties as an airline pilot. Now on a pension, Olson can no longer afford the over $100,000 in lawyer's fees her trial will cost. But the crown is requesting a sentence of 12 to 18 months in jail - more time than all the convicted animal abusers in BC have spent in jail in the past ten years, added together. This is because animal cruelty, while in theory an offense under the criminal code of Canada, is in reality treated as a misdemeanor, at best. In contrast the theft of suffering animals is considered no different than property theft, a far more serious crime. After all, in the words of Surrey RCMP Cst. Drew Grainger, "dogs are no different than VCR's."

Olson feels she has no option left but to go to trial and defend herself. She is hoping to find a newly retired or semi-retired lawyer willing to assist her in this endeavor. If anyone knows of an animal loving lawyer in the Greater Vancouver area who might consider assisting Jan pro bono at her trial in November 2014, please contact us at [email protected]

Also please email Attorney General and Minister of Justice Honourable Suzanne Anton to demand the charges against Jan Olson be dropped as not in the public interest. Her email is [email protected]

Thanks so much everyone for your support. It is essential and  very much appreciated.


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