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I lost my beautiful daughter Nicole Parisien when she was murdered at the hands of a violent killer name Andrew William Evans from Calgary Alberta.
Nicole grew up in a small community and was well liked by her classmates, active in school sports, fundraising programs in school, the community and Girl Guides. She was an avid swimmer, horse rider and hiker. She cared for her ailing grandmother, loved animals and had rescued sick and injured birds, cats, squirrels and potbelly pigs. She took pride in her work as a professional manicurist and had worked in the US and Canada. Nicole was very close to her father and they enjoyed traveling the world together. She was generous and loved to cook and share laughter with her family and friends. She loved life and was kind and trusting to all.
My daughter shared her last vacation with me in Disneyland. Shortly after Nicole’s father passed away and she went to Vancouver for her inheritance. That is when she met Andrew Evans who violently ripped the life out of her body.
Just because the defense said he was “a good boy” doesn’t make it the truth. The unspeakable violent torture he put my daughter through would surely make that statement untrue. His defense said that our Nicole was “just a prostitute”. A mere statement doesn’t make it the truth. Their attempt to diminish the value of my daughter’s existence (the victim) to make the crime seem less heinous is a sad reflection on our judicial system and a society that allows it in order to take comfort or deny that it could happen to their loved ones or themselves.
He received a sentence of Life and now after serving only 7 years in prison is eligible for parole. Currently when an offender gets a life term it doesn't mean "life" but simply until they are eligible for parole.
These indeterminate prison terms threaten the “life, safety or physical or mental well-being of the public.” This kind of sentencing does not provide the loved ones with closure but instead victimizes us. It leaves us constantly thinking about when the offender will get an unescorted day or weekend pass, if he will escape during relocation, when his next parole hearing is and if he will kill somebody else upon his release. A dangerous offender is eligible for escorted temporary absences after only four years, and full parole after seven.
A system based on the premise that all violent offenders get a chance at parole, is a justice system that often releases violent offenders long before their debt to society is paid. It is well known that paroled murderers kill again. According to a study by the Correctional Service of Canada, between 1998 and 2008, 10 convicted murderers committed another homicide following their release from prisons — an average of about one a year. That is ten too many!

I support a sentence of Life for Life. If a person commits a heinous or violent crime that results in death, then the offender should be jailed for the rest of their natural life with NO chance of parole. The punishment should reflect the gravity of the crime. As a society we need to work together to ensure we protect the rights of OUR LOVED ONES FIRST - not those of the offenders.
We have a choice to use our voice! Please support Life for Life.

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