Beth Antonsen
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I am trying to heal my own body from the occasional binging on sugar and all the rest of the poison being fed us. My mother is on a lot of western medical pills for arthritis and a few other ailments. My dad died after 7 years with Alzheimer's disease and now mom is experiencing some of the same things. I am sick our countries Manifest Destiny policies that we came up with while we were raping and pillaging this new land and killing off the indigenous people. We are still on that path. I live in the "Last Frontier". It has got to stop somewhere. Every day I here of someone who has cancer. A close friend died of it at age 26 in 1980. Back then nutrition was a fringe cure for cancer. Now it is mainstream. We need to STOP the poisoning of the people of this country and the rest of the world. NO more death and destruction of the planet for the love of money, the root of all EVIL!!!! I will give what I can, when I can for this campaign.

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